Pasture Experience, a Psalm 23 Soul Care Retreat, offers a safe, hospitable space for friends and strangers to gather, connect, and discover a confident intimacy with the Trinity, and one another.

Untethered to a specific church or denomination, Pasture exists to bring head knowledge of scriptural truth into a congruent experience of the Trinity through listening, contemplation, story-sharing, confession and celebrating around the porch and table in the company of like-minded souls.

We do this by creating a cozy, soul-nourishing environment to experience Psalm 23 in its fullness; the quiet, the valley, the mercy and goodness of the Shepherd’s presence through every moment. Tears, laughter, rest, and healing are present as we journey shoulder-to-shoulder for a weekend, and beyond.

Need a Soul Care Retreat?

Well, Come!

Experience a Psalm 23 Retreat including music, deep connection, listening, story-sharing,
confession + truth-telling, space to BE,
home-made meals, local TN surprises + celebrating

Craving a weekend intentionally carved out to receive:
Rest + Restoration?
Depth + Community?
Permission + Presence?
Soul care invitations tethered to Psalm 23?

Pasture Experience Retreat, held in our whimsy Spring Hill, TN, home, offers: 
Grace + Space,
Truth + Spirit 
Belonging + Beauty
Local flavors + Sips 
Music + Nashville-influenced surprises.

You are invited to experience an intimate soul-nourishing weekend, where we gather for the intention of listening.
Listening to God. Listening to ourselves. Listening to one another.
Resting. Sharing. Confessing. Truth-telling. Celebrating around the table.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, your presence is so very welcome here!

Pasture Experience Retreats are held twice per year: Spring & Fall (Friday evening- Sunday morning).

At Pasture Experience, we offer no bows or solutions for we trust that God is doing the interior work in each of us.
Healing and beauty comes when we show up as our truest selves to be restored from the inside-out.

I intentionally maintain an intimate "small is sacred" size for the purpose of trust and intimacy.

If you're emphatically agreeing, I invite you to apply for an upcoming retreat.

Apply for Retreat