Pasture Retreat offers a wide-open welcoming space to experience Psalm 23 through
listening, resting, and receiving soul nourishment in the company of kindred sojourners.

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Apply for Nashville RetreatFebruary 26-28, 2021

About Pasture Retreat

Well, come!

Longing for a weekend to receive hospitality of the soul, mind, and body? Bring your honesty and authenticity as we journey through Psalm 23 in a cozy, living-room environment, inclusive of intimate connection, thoughtfully prepared meals, and intentional time to experience soul nourishment in every sense.

Pasture was created for souls like you, who care deeply about others, desire to experience God in everyday moments, and long to be fully heard and unconditionally loved- struggles and all. As in, "If you knew my story, would I still be loved?" At Pasture Retreat the answer is a resounding YES! Nothing you bring scares us. In fact, we especially welcome your broken parts because that's where we experience Jesus' humanity, humility, and grace.

Untethered to a specific church or denomination, Pasture is facilitated through a Christ-centric, group spiritual direction approach. We exist to connect the head knowledge of scriptural truth and what we know "about God" into a congruent experience of the Trinity. We intentionally usher a "small is sacred" group of women through Psalm 23, inviting reflection on where you find yourself in the pasture in this current season. Is the Shepherd making you lie down? Restoring your soul? Maybe you're in a dark valley? Or are you in a season of celebrating at the table? The truth is that we all experience every part of the pasture - possibly multiple times throughout our life- and the Shepherd is always present. His gentle invitations come rest, restoration, leading, comfort, preparation, hope, and healing.

This unconventional retreat is a gift to you! Tears, laughter, rest, delicious flavors and wine, occasional cursing, creativity, beauty, and healing co-exist as we sit shoulder-to-shoulder and offer compassionate with-ness.

Pasture Retreat embodies Philoxenia: The love of strangers; an eager act of hospitality and welcome, including:

  • Soul care invitations tethered to Psalm 23
  • A home concert
  • Trust-worthy community, where belonging is experienced
  • Home-made meals featuring local flavors + sips
  • Listening + story-sharing
  • Confession + truth-healing
  • Space to BE where you are
  • Intentional time to rest + refill
  • Celebration Dinner around the table
  • Tears + laughter
  • A deeper awareness of how to listen to God, yourself, and others

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we are here to meet you; not fix you!


  • At Pasture Retreat, we offer no bows or solutions, for we rest in the truth that God is doing the interior work in each of us.
  • Rest and freedom occur when we show up as our truest selves to be known from the inside out.
  • Listening is healing. 
  • An intimate "small is sacred" size is maintained for the purpose of a brave space, trust, and connection.


Pasture is for intentional individuals who long to have a hospitable space to process, listen, share, and experience soul-nourishing intimacy with like-minded women.

  • I agree to bring my authentic self to this small group of women.
  • I agree to leave my title(s), church association/denomination, or anyone's story (aside from my own) at the door.
  • I agree to listen mostly, speak slowly, and love largely.
  • I agree to remember that where I am in my journey is unique, necessary, and valuable to the work God IS doing.
  • I agree to come as I am in real-time without feeling like I need to fix, problem-solve, or care beyond my capacity. Grace & space is our motto.
  • I agree to receive this safe space as a sacred time to process, pray, and pay attention to God's intimacy invitations.
  • I agree to offer myself and others ample permission to be human and in-process, celebrating that we are equally worthy of receiving God's unconditional love.
  • I agree to begin the brave work of integrating my mind, heart, and body as I come to listen and BE.


Retreat Schedule

Get settled at your lodging.
6:30pm: Arrive at Bekah's home for a warm welcome + connection + light nibbles + wine + a home concert.
  • Saturday morning begins at 9:00am with breakfast + coffee/tea.
  • We'll spend the morning simmering in Psalm 23 + listening + sharing individual stories + and noticing how God is inviting us into deeper intimacy with Him and others.

  • A delicious homemade lunch will be served (please let Bekah know of any food allergies) followed by confession + truth-telling.

  • Enjoy a few afternoon hours on your own for rest + reflection. Stroll through Historic Leiper's Fork, enjoy local coffee at Just Love Cafe, savor the views at Arrington Vineyards, or tuck away at a bookstore. When was the last time you carved out time for yourself? Soak it up.

  • Gather back at 7:00pm for Celebration Dinner around our table with a gourmet dinner made by Bekah's incredible hubby, Chef Bryan.
  • The evening closes with a Pasture Blessing + dessert + a bonfire.
Optional group brunch at a local eatery before traveling home.


  • Pasture Retreats are currently held biannually (Spring & Fall)  at the home of Bekah Pogue in Nashville, TN.
  • Retreats are a form of group spiritual direction.
  • Pasture alumni are welcome to co-host a Pasture Retreat in their hometown to deepen in-person connection with your own community.
  • Pasture alumni are invited into a deeper journey through through reunions, continued community, and spiritual direction.

Apply for Nashville RetreatFebruary 26-28, 2021