Spiritual Direction

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What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a Christ-centric space to explore your spiritual questions and longings in the presence of the Trinity and a spiritual director. Here, no advice or solutions are offered; only room to be where you are in your faith journey as you come to know and discern God’s voice and presence.

An hour session may embody prayer, silence, open-ended questions, reflection, contemplation, imagination, scripture, or spiritual practices. The heartbeat of direction is to usher the directee to experience congruency between truth and a deeper participation with the Divine's intimate invitations.

Spiritual direction is not a life coach, a guru, nor New Age-based. 

The first time I heard Spiritual Direction, the stubborn soul in me thought, “Uhhhhh, I don’t need anyone to DIRECT me, thank you very much.” Yet, what I have found to be true is that spiritual direction is the first place I felt free to bring my spiritual questions, desires, and longings for MORE of God, and experience unconditional love from the gentle guidance of a director. Once experiencing direction, I sighed a huge exhale of relief and have found myself at home receiving and offering spiritual direction ever since.

Who is Spiritual Direction for?

Spiritual Direction is for the individual who is hungry for a deeper intimacy with the Trinity and wants a faith sojourner to come alongside them to ask questions, co-listen and reflect God's movements in their everyday life.

A director's role is to hold space for the directee and rely on God's Spirit to direct. A director is trained to co-listen, reflect, and journey alongside as you ask questions, listen, seek,  explore and discover confidence in your unique faith journey.

Spiritual Direction invites individuals/ groups to connect the "head knowledge" of what you know about God to become congruent with your experience of His presence and love.

If you are hungry for the Really Real, spiritual direction may feel like coming home.

How does Spiritual Direction differ from counseling or therapy?

Spiritual direction is different than therapy or counseling in that no solution-based tools are offered to the directee; simply presence and permissive room to explore your spiritual journey in the company of a spiritual director. We simply show up to listen and navigate His presence through spiritual disciplines, silence, scripture and prayer.

One often feels drawn to direction after doing the hard work of therapy, including exploring family of origin remnants, gaining valuable tools, and finding emotionally healthy language in order to move forward. Once these practices are put in place and lived out, one may find that they are longing for a deeper spiritual experience that can’t be given through advice or solutions, but can only be navigated through listening, praying and open-ended questions surrounding the movements of God in your personal life.

The task of the spiritual director is to be positioned, like a campfire in the wilderness, welcoming sojourners from all corners of life to stop, relax, and yarn for a while. A place where tired bodies and spirits are warmed by the fire and refreshed. A friendly atmosphere where stories of the road are shared among travellers. The job of a spiritual director is to keep the fire burning because one never knows when a traveller will come to sit. It doesn't matter where on the journey the traveller has been exploring, or how long they have been walking, if they come in peace to sit on a log by the campfire, they are welcome.

- Simon Brown, Mission and the Art of Spiritual Direction

How is Spiritual Direction offered?

The hour long sessions are offered in person or virtually. This is your time to go deeper with God. As the spiritual director, I simply co-journey with you as you seek greater intimacy with the Divine. For our session, I encourage you to find a quiet spot in your home, light a candle, and anticipate how the Trinity will direct our time. We need only show up and be present to His presence.

This is your one-on-on time with the Trinity and a SD who guides, reflects, asks questions and creates space for you to go deeper in your spiritual journey.

How did I become a Spiritual Director?

After years of receiving spiritual direction, I found myself longing to become a spiritual director, so that I too, may usher individuals and groups into a safe space to find a confident intimacy with the trinity.

Thus began a three year journey toward training to become a director. In 2017, I founded Pasture Experience, which originally began as a Psalm 23-inspired monthly communal gathering at an antique mall to inspire soul-nourishing conversations and deep connection. After a season, I felt stirred to shrink the large gatherings to an even more intimate retreat environment in our TN home. I believe listening and being heard among like-minded women are the most healing offerings.

After the first year of training, I took advantage of a gap year and completed The 19th Annotation, an Ignatian Formation Program, under the supervision of a spiritual director. These spiritual exercises journey the life of Jesus through scripture, prayer, imagination, and consistent contemplative rhythms. This experience drew me toward the humility of Jesus, his on-the-floor posture, and heart for the poor in spirit, which solidified my passion for offering direction even further. In May, 2020 I completed the Spiritual Direction program through the School of Sustainable Faith.

I have a sweet spot for those who are in/coming out of church ministry, as well as women who are feeling called to step into healing and wholeness in their marriage.

How do I begin receiving Spiritual Direction?

If you are drawn to receiving spiritual direction, let's set up a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to hear more about what you are longing for in this season, and if spiritual direction is a good fit. From there we can discuss logistics and cost.

I'd love to set up a consultation